Two decades of experience, solar installations in 20 countries around the world and 270,022 households that we can supply with sustainable energy. That is the balance sheet of GOLDBECK SOLAR in 2020 – figures that sound good. But what does that look like in concrete terms? See for yourself: We have realised these projects with our customers in recent years.

GOLDBECK SOLAR is now widely established as an expert in the field of commercial and industrial solar systems. Our projects include solar parks, solar solutions for landfills and carports, solar roofs for customers worldwide and groundbreaking innovations.

In 2019, we reached the 1 GW mark with our photovoltaic solutions and were able to consolidate our position in the mega sector.

  • Our outstanding projects include the Marienheide School and Sports Center in North Rhine-Westphalia, for which we received the Intersolar Award.
  • With an output of 103 MW, we have implemented the largest solar plant in the Netherlands.
  • In Kazakhstan we were able to open the Akady project.
  • In Central Asia, we built and connected the largest solar plant with our solar project SES Saran.
  • In Poland, we installed the largest solar roof system with an output of 7 MW. And we continue to grow.

Solar park Laja

Solar park Bielice

Solar park Klosterdorf

Solar park Paillihue (Ex Santa Julia)

Solar park Doellen

Solar roof Greiwing Worms

Solar roof P&S Grupo Sese

Solarpark Paraiso

Solar roof Biessenhofen

Solar roof Ladenburg

Solar park Hollandscheveld

Solar park Alteveer

Solar park Zwartowo

Solar park Bruhrain

Solar roof Rheinenergie

Solar roof Jungbunzlauer

Solar Roof Logicor

Solar park Roigheim

Solar roof Moerdijk

Solar park Lelystad

Solar Roof Ixocon

Solar Roof Pasaya

Solar Roof Emotion Bremen

Solar Roof WS Quack+Fischer

Solar park Haarweg

Solar park Medel

Solar roof Oosterhoud

Solar park Zunneveld

Solar park Kampen

Solar park Bavelse Berg

Solar roof Bohnenkamp

Solar park Zietlitz

Autodromo solar park

Solar roof L´Oréal Prologis

Solar park Duurkenakker

Solar park Stadskanaal

Solar park Buinerveen

Solar park Sunera

Solar roof AT Zweirad

Solar roof G&G Preißer

Solar roof Police headquarters

Solar roof Fraport Air freight hall

Solar roof Wichmann

Solar roof Alnatura

Solar roof Klingele

Solar roof Inoue Rubber

Solar park Midden-Groningen

Solar park Creacombe

Solar roof Allianz Arena

Solar roof Schwarz Logistik

Solar roof Störtebecker

Solar roof Clip

Solar park Enni

Solar park Akadyr

Solar park Bliesdorf II

Solar roof BTK Logistik

Solar park Lelystad

Solar roof Mauser

Solar park SES Saran

Solar park Zierikzee

Solar park Andjik

Solar roof Sahachai

Solar park Wolpertshausen

Solar park Domsühl

Solar park Eneco

Solar park Beck

Solar roof APD Schlauchtechnik

Solar park Beck

Solar park Veendam

Solar roof Panattoni

Solar roof TKS

Solar park Good Energy

Solar park Landfill Hellsiek

Solar roof Klingele

Solar park Sandridge

Solar park Foresight

Solar park Hazel Capital

Solar park Dillington Estate

Solar park Adiant

Solar park Low Carbon

Solar park Eneco

Solar park Green Nation

Solar park Aurum

Solar park Green Nation

Solar park Low Carbon

Solar roof Olching

Solar roof Goldbeck

Solar roof Rudolf

Solar park Hazel

Solar roof logistics centre Kerpen

Solar park Aurum

Solar park Olováry I + II

Solar roof Norma

Solar roof Honold

Solar roof Honold

Solar roof Bregenz multi-storey car park

Solar park AES Villamesías

Solar roof Hugo Boss

Solar park NEEC

Solar roof Gonvarri

Solar roof Goldbeck

Solar rooftop Maasvlakte

Solarpark Davidstown

Solarpark Lurrig

Solar park Black Road

Solar park Haiku

Solar park Coaldale

Solar park Monarch

Solar park Innisfail

Solar park Leiwen II


20 Jahre

Erfahrung seit 2001

17 Länder


1.200 MWp

Portfolio O&M

> 2.000 MWp

Installierte Leistung

> 2.500 MWp




Auszeichnung: Silber Medallie Sustainability Rating 2023 Top-Innovator 2024 – Top 100