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GOLDBECK SOLAR is an international company specialising in the turnkey construction of commercial, industrial and large-scale solar installations. Our solutions are reliable, affordable and profitable. Our team around our managing directors Joachim Goldbeck, Tobias Schüßler and Michiel Vanhoutte focus on the integration of technologies at the highest level, high-quality services and many years of experience along the entire value chain.

With the vision of a clean energy supply, the entrepreneur Joachim Goldbeck founded Goldbeck Solar GmbH as a subsidiary of the Goldbeck Group and Solarnet GmbH for special projects in 2001. In this structure, PV solar plants were erected on industrial roofs, landfill bodies and open spaces in ten countries.
In 2018, both companies joined forces to become GOLDBECK SOLAR GmbH, and combined their dynamics and competence, their expertise and experience as a global player in the photovoltaic industry.

In 2019, GOLDBECK SOLAR consolidated the large-scale segment worldwide, and further expanded its expertise. With major projects in Central Asia and the Netherlands, among others, the company shows that it is not afraid of challenges. We combine the reliability of many years of experience with the flexibility of a start-up.


Joachim Goldbeck founds GOLDBECK SOLAR GmbH and Solarnet GmbH.


GOLDBECK SOLAR starts to position itself internationally.


Entrance in the Spanish market.


Expansion of product range to include photovoltaic systems for parking garages, facades and landfills.


Entrance in the Czech and Slovak markets.


Represented on the British market, launching a new product with the photovoltaic systems for carports.


Our in-house aerodynamic solution SUNOLUTION is presented.


Awarded for the “Lackford” project as best utility-scale PV system in the UK. In addition, GOLDBECK SOLAR wins the Intersolar Award for Technical Excellence for the Marienheide School and Sports center in North Rhine-Westphalia.Joachim Goldbeck is elected as the BSW president and in the UK.


The O&M activities of Soventix and Gehrlicher Solar are taken over. Our first 50 MW plant goes to the high-voltage grid.


Solarnet takes the first steps beyond the European borders to Latin America and Asia.


Opening of the subsidiary in Mexico City and entering the Chilean market. Rewarded with the Intersolar Award 2017 for our first-ever combination of a landfill cover with a PV open-air plant- a project that brings environmental and climate protection together.


GOLDBECK SOLAR and Solarnet join to become the new GOLDBECK SOLAR:
Development of the GEOS (Goldbeck Energy Optimisation System) together with the Fraunhofer ITWM


GOLDBECK SOLAR consolidate in the large-scale segment with major solar projects in the Netherlands and Central Asia and Poland.


A big year – in Germany, 96 MWp were installed, including major solar projects such as Zietlitz and Sunera II. In the Netherlands, 270 MWp were finalized with projects such as Stadtkanaal, Buinerveen and Duurkenakker. In Kazakhstan, the expansion of Akadyr extention was completed with 26 MWp. In Mexico, 1 MWp of tracker projects were built. Our first tracker projects in Latin America. In addition, the company entered into important strategic alliances: with Chint Solar Zonnepark Services was established for O&M services in the Netherlands, which manages an O&M portfolio of more than 1 GWp. At the end of the year, it was decided to participate in PMT.


This year we started the construction of the largest project in Central and Eastern Europe “Zwartowo” with a total capacity of 290 MWp. In addition, the Bavelseberg project was completed with a special engineering solutions. A large pipeline of projects in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Thailand, Mexico and Chile is waiting for completion. Our innovation MarcS (Modular Arc System) is introduced and honored with the Intersolar Award 2021.


GOLDBECK SOLAR acquires GP Joule North America. GOLDBECK SOLAR and the GP JOULE Group announce that GOLDBECK SOLAR has acquired the PV-EPC business unit of GP JOULE in North America. With this acquisition, GOLDBECK SOLAR strengthens its position in the Americas, with existing operations in Chile and Mexico.


The North American EPC Division, formerly known as GP JOULE EPC North America, has officially rebranded as GOLDBECK SOLAR. This change signifies the completion of the integration process after the acquisition and reflects the division’s values, vision, and unique offerings. As part of the rebranding, the legal entities GP JOULE PV Canada Corp. and GP JOULE PV USA Inc. will now operate as GOLDBECK SOLAR Canada Corp. and GOLDBECK SOLAR USA, Inc. respectively.

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