„Solar projects at their best“ – Our Values

„Solar plants at their best!“ – Our Values

We are your partner who accompanies you during the development and implementation of your solar project, which you can trust in its judgement and its assessments.

This trust is not simply given to us, we want to earn it. Which is why we adhere to our own values. Only through the interaction of orientation to our customers´ wishes, the trust placed in us, our intelligent approach, our professionalism and our willingness to succeed, a good result can arise which satisfies you and us.

You will find our values in each of our employees, from the boss to the trainee. Reliability, high quality and the systematic further development of all our processes are not only written in our values; but lived by us.

Our Values

Customer Orientation

The values of our company are based on the needs and wishes of our customers. Our products are designed to find the best solutions for you and to optimise all aspects in each process so that our customers receive reliable, sustainable, but above all, cost-effective and profitable facilities.

Willingness to Succeed

The willingness to succeed is the trend of Goldbeck Solar. To position itself successfully in the market in the long term, the will to succeed is indispensable. We find it important to formulate realistic goals and to pursue them ambitiously to advance the existing and celebrated successes. At the end of the day, what matters to Goldbeck Solar is not just having many activities under its account- It’s all about real achievements that speak for themselves. From a natural passion for success, Goldbeck Solar creates the strength that allows us to take courageous steps again and again into a dynamic future.


Our decisions and actions are based on the pursuit of professionalism. This means that all projects are handled systematically and in a structured way, that skills are exhausted and reliable results are delivered. Clearly defined processes, that enable reproducible and measurable maximum performance at any time, are what distinguish us. Working professionally also means adapting to local conditions. Thanks to our experience, we have a knowledge of the target market and its prerequisites, so that we can adapt to local conditions and find the best possible solution on site.


Intelligence is the basic value of Goldbeck Solar. It is a creative and future-oriented intelligence that drives the company forward. The constant search for the best solution for each challenge is one of our characteristics. The permanent expansion of competence and innovation, which is driven by curiosity and openness as well as a free spirit, makes the company agile and adaptable. The constant development in all fields ensures the independence and innovative power in a sustainable way and makes us future-proof. Always looking beyond, the horizon of possibilities, Goldbeck Solar is moving forward in an exciting future.


The brand core of Goldbeck Solar is trust. The success of the company is based on a responsible and respectful mutuality, which is characterized by tolerance, values and humanity. Our customers can trust us because we are an independent and family-run company that is driven by the owner himself with a sustainable design will. We trust our employees and leave them free to develop and design their work. With mutual trust and an open and interested interaction with each other, develop sustainable and long-term perspectives. Goldbeck Solar can always be relied upon as the company operates in a logic way, ensuring a quality result. Respectable trading and team-oriented structures also ensure that the successful development of Goldbeck Solar is guaranteed in a sustainable manner.

Who are we?

„Solar projects at their best“ – Our Values

The Goldbeck Solar Team