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„Solar projects at their best!“ – Our Values

We are your partner, at your disposal to accompany you during the development and implementation of your solar project. You can trust our judgement and assessments.

This trust is not simply given to us, we want to earn it. Which is why we adhere to our own values. Only through the interaction of orientation to our customers´ wishes, the trust placed in us, our intelligent approach, our professionalism and our willingness to succeed, a good result can arise which satisfies you and us.

Our corporate values are upheld by every single one of our employees – from the trainee through to the manager. And we don’t just write them – we live them.

Our Values

Customer Orientation

Our products are designed to find the best solutions for you and to optimise all aspects in every process so that our customers receive reliable, sustainable, but above all cost-effective and profitable facilities.

Willingness to Succeed

To position yourself successfully in the market in the long term, the will to succeed is indispensable. We formulate realistic goals and pursue them ambitiously. Here at GOLDBECK SOLAR, at the end of the day we don’t ask ourselves what we did, we ask ourselves what we achieved. This gives us the strength to continue to take courageous steps towards a dynamic future.


We approach all our projects in a systematic and a structured manner; drawing on our expertise and thus delivering reliable results. Clearly defined processes that enable reproducible and measurable maximum performance at all times are what set us apart.


The constant search for the best solution for the respective challenge is our future-oriented intelligence. We are continuously expanding our competences and our wealth of ideas. Our team are driven by curiosity and openness as well as a free spirit – this means we remain flexible and are able to meet new challenges head on. This independence and innovative strength make us future-proof.


The brand core of Goldbeck Solar is trust. The success of the company is based on a responsible and respectful mutuality, which is characterized by tolerance, values and humanity. Our customers can trust us because we are an independent and family-run company that is driven by the owner himself with a sustainable design will. We trust our employees and leave them free to develop and design their work. With mutual trust and an open and interested interaction with each other, develop sustainable and long-term perspectives.

GOLDBECK SOLAR stands for sustainability

We live the goals we set for ourselves every day. Our values are therefore clearly reflected in our and our compliance guidelines. Because for us they are not just words, but the basis of our cooperation.

We live the goals we set for ourselves on a daily basis. Our values are therefore clearly reflected in our sustainability policy and our compliance guidelines. Because for us they are not just words, but the basis of our cooperation.


Who are we?


It’s Time for Climate Action. Earth Week

Green Policy

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