Compliance Policy

The observance of this compliance guideline is the responsibility of the entire company and therefore of all employees and our business partners. If there is a suspicion of violation of the compliance guideline, every employee and every business partner is obligated to communicate this to Goldbeck solar. If an employee has been involved in violations of the compliance policy itself and may be prevented from doing so by his or her voluntary report, this is taken into account in his favour. Deliberately false suspicions take action against the author. In order to protect Goldbeck Solar, compliance violations from to business partners and unfair practices by competitors should be reported.

If there are signs of an infringement, we expect all employees to provide a corresponding notification to

  • the direct supervisor or
  • the responsible management or
  • the head of the legal department.

For individual or anonymous reporting of possible violations, you can also contact us by e-mail .

We thank you for any support that will ensure compliance with this policy.

Compliance Policy