Compliance Policy

Since the foundation of the Company in the year 2001, we share common values in our company. They are the basis of decision-making. Our pillars are trust, customer orientation, intelligence, professionalism and the will to succeed . These five core values distinguish our company and the way we deal with our customers, business partners, suppliers and employees .

The GOLDBECK SOLAR compliance guideline contains guidelines for the observance of national and international laws, regulations and ethical behaviour. We hereby lay the foundation for a continued successful cooperation and for a sustainable development of our company. It complements the GOLDBECK SOLAR corporate guidelines, which describe our self-image, our goals and the standards for our actions.

The regulations laid down here are accessible to our customers and business partners and are also binding for them. Compliance is a task for all employees of our group of companies .

In addition to fulfilling their function as role models, supervisors must therefore ensure that employees in their area of responsibility knows the compliance guidelines, is aware of remains and is pursued . This requires both personal discussions and organizational measures. Violations of the compliance guidelines will not be tolerated.

The GOLDBECK SOLAR management ensures that the standards laid down are implemented throughout the entire group of companies and are discussed with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Hirschberg, 01.02.2024

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