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PV-Solar parks: Photovoltaics on open space

The decision for a PV open-space facility has never been so affordable, advantageous, and easy to implement for a company. The world is in an energetic upheaval. Many countries see the shift to solar energy as the most promising renewable energy strategy and are promoting investment in solar power plants with tax incentives, legal benefits, and other mechanisms. The necessary components are now well-developed, and reliable, and the costs are at a very low level. It does not matter whether you are active in the energy sector or not: Now is the time to make your company economically sustainable and fit for the future with a clear energy strategy.

Change for the future

Transition into the future means change. The traditional system of energy supply is changing. In the near future, companies will be able to meet their energy needs directly in the open energy market. In addition to the urban and established suppliers, small players are increasingly entering the energy market. More and more private providers are feeding their green electricity into the grid.

The forecasts for future electricity prices show a clear upward trend that goes hand in hand with the steady increase in energy demand. The time is, therefore, favorable to invest in a solar plant and become an energy producer.

From the photovoltaic system from 1 MW to the utility-scale project with more than 100 MW, we are your contact for professional implementation and support.

The landfill becomes a solar park

Combine environmental and climate protection

An area that cannot be used for other purposes offers ideal conditions for the installation of a solar park. In many European countries, such open spaces exist, for example, on former landfills and commercial or military wastelands. The necessary infrastructure is often already available: There are roads, fences, and a connection to the power grid. Our team adapts our systems individually to the various landfill sealing systems and soil conditions. We plan, build and maintain your solar park on a turnkey basis, including security technology and grid connection.

We show you the possibilities!


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