Project development

GOLDBECK SOLAR accompanies its customers from the first step. Together we plan your solar project and support you in all involved aspects for your convenience.

Project development


We help with the choice of land or roofs for your photovoltaic system.


We analyse the terrain and building conditions so that you will not experience any unpleasant surprises.


We support you in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.


We provide you with studies on the impact of your solar system on the environment.


We will assist you with the official formalities and grant applications.


We are your partner in determining the connection points and setting up transmission lines.

In the development of your project, the foundations for its success are laid. You can rely on almost 20 years of experience in the realization of industrial solar parks. We accompany you along the entire way. Rely on GOLDBECK SOLAR.

From selecting the right location to clarifying the grid connection and obtaining the necessary permits, we systematically go through every step with you. So our customers can be sure that they get the best results for their solar systems.

Already during project development, we analyze a wide range of data scenarios and use our experience and the data from the realization (EPC) and operation (O&M) of hundreds of solar projects.

In this way, we ensure a structured and optimized project process and reduce the risk for our customers, investors, and banks.

We not only acquire project rights, but we also design projects from the ground up ourselves or in partnerships with project developers. The selection of our business partners is a central criterion for the development of a project with long-term success in accordance with the applicable technical and legal standards.

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