In order for your company to be optimally equipped for its energetic future, it is important to foresee alternatives in good time. The world is currently jumping on the bandwagon of renewable energy. But in order to avoid a quick shot, you need experience, expertise, trust in a partner who advises and takes care of you according to your company, your investment, your idea.

This partner is GOLDBECK SOLAR.

Invest in a solar power plant on your roof or site. We will be happy to show you how to plan, finance and implement this, and the advantages it brings you as a company to rely on a healthy climate.


PV Solar parks: ground mounted

PV Flat Roof Systems: Commercial & Industrial


Today it is no longer a question of whether you act as climate-neutrally as possible. The only question is how quickly you can become climate neutral. Our products offer you the alternatives to achieve your goals.

Tobias Schuessler
Managing Director at GOLDBECK SOLAR

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