How to finance?

Self-investment for own consumption – You like to hold the reins in your hand? Then you put on equity or a solar loan to make your own power plant out of your roof, carport or your open space

Traditional financing

Do you like holding the reins? Then put your money on equity or a solar loan. This will enable you to produce your own electricity on your roof, carport or open space at optimal cost in the long term.

This has the following advantages:


You save considerably on your own energy costs.


Electricity costs remain stable and predictable over the operating life of the plant of 30 years and more.


Your own electricity is taxed less than conventional electricity.


They prevent the risks of future CO2 pricing.


You increase the value of your property. Your real estate becomes sustainable.


The image of your company increases.


They generate additional added value on previously unused own land.

Our investment – your electricity: EaaS (Energy as a Service) is the all-round carefree package from GOLDBECK SOLAR

You don’t want to plan, build and invest yourself, but still want to generate part of your electricity yourself at optimal cost in the long term? Then leave it to us to plan, build, finance and operate your plant. As an EaaS provider for corporate and industrial customers (C&I), GOLDBECK SOLAR offers a complete modular system including financing.

We plan and install the photovoltaic system and take over the financing of the total investment. Your participation is limited to the agreement with GOLDBECK SOLAR on your individual long-term power purchase and space utilisation contract.

We operate the system. You consume the solar power.

You benefit:

  • No capital commitment
  • Long-term price stability
  • You finance your solar system through your operating costs.
  • You save considerable costs in the long term.
  • The image of your company is strengthened.

Joint investment: Partnership as Independent Power Producer (IPP)

GOLDBECK SOLAR starts its solar strategy as an independent power producer by developing its own projects, selected on the basis of strict quality criteria. Within the framework of this financing model, we develop projects in selected countries together with our partners. Our IPP customers benefit from this. This is because we can offer you a wide range of investment opportunities. In doing so, we are prepared to analyse new approaches to the use of photovoltaics and launch them together with our partners.

We provide competent and professional advice not only in the implementation but also in the financing of special projects. Together we will find the financing model that fits you perfectly. GOLDBECK SOLAR also acts as an equity investor in selected projects. We structure innovative or complex financing solutions because we have sharpened and continually developed our view of projects thanks to our many years of experience in the industry and the international positioning of our team.

You can rely on that: GOLDBECK-SOLAR projects are bankable projects that convince.

Our services
Two craftsmen working with EPC installing solar panel for rooftop

Engineering, Procurement and Construction


O&M: Operation & Maintenance

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