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GOLDBECK SOLAR- Energy concepts with system

GOLDBECK SOLAR is an international company specialising in the turnkey construction of industrial, commercial and large-scale photovoltaic systems. The range of services covers the entire value chain from project development, construction, operation and maintenance of the plant to selective project financing and the sale of Energy as a Service (EaaS).

GOLDBECK SOLAR is characterised by international experience and financial strength in sustainable, viable projects. The team of a group of specialist engineers focuses on realising the best technical and economic solutions for our customers.

The family business, founded in 2001 by the entrepreneur Joachim Goldbeck, has managed to grow steadily and steadily. In 2019, it reached the order volume of 1 GW with projects in 15 countries and established itself in the mega sector with projects from 100 MW upwards.

2019 was a year of records for the company: the largest project in Central Asia went on line with an installed capacity of 100 MW. In addition, a 50 MWp project in Akady in Kazakhstan, the largest photovoltaic project in the Netherlands near Midden Gronigen with an installed capacity of 103 MW and the largest roof-mounted system in Poland with 7 MW installed capacity were also added to the list. With the Creacombe project with 7 MW installed capacity, Goldbeck Solar returned to the UK market.

Despite the corona crisis, the year 2020 also began positively from a company perspective. Climate change continues to progress, but companies, investors and politicians are now taking clear measures to counteract it. Goldbeck Solar was able to conclude numerous contracts in Germany and the Netherlands for the construction of large-scale projects on open land, thus further shaping the switch to renewable energies. New projects were also initiated in England and Ireland, Chile and Mexico. The results confirm the good reputation of this down-to-earth company, which is moving steadily and solidly into the future.

2001Foundation of GOLDBECK SOLAR and SOLARNET
2007Start of internationalisation in Europe
2008Entry into the Spanish market
2009Expansion of the product range with photovoltaic systems for car parks, facades and landfills
2010Market entry into the Czech and Slovakian markets
2011Expansion into the British market
2014Awarded as best utility-scale PV plant in GB with the Lackford project
Intersolar Award for Technical Excellence for the Marienheide School and Sports Center in North Rhine-Westphalia
Joachim Goldbeck is elected BSW president
2015Acquisition of SOVENTIX O&M and Gehrlicher O&M
In the United Kingdom, our first 50-MW plant is connected to the high-voltage grid
2016Internationalization to LATAM and Asia with Solarnet
2017Opening of the branch in Mexico City and market entry in Chile Distinguished with the Intersolar Award 2017 for the Hellsiek landfill cover
2018GOLDBECK SOLAR and SOLARNET merge to form the new internationally positioned GOLDBECK SOLAR
Construction of the largest solar plant in Central Asia SES Saran 100 MWp
2019Year of records:
Grid connection of the largest solar projects in Central Asia 100 MW
Construction of Akady in Kazakhstan with 50 MWp
Construction of the largest solar plant with 103 MW in the Netherlands
Construction of the largest roof-top plant in Poland 7 MW
Return to the UK market with the 7 MW Creacombe project
Consolidation of the position in this mega sector
The 1 GW mark is reached.
2020Participation in PMT
Shareholding in ZONNEPARK Services Netherlands B.V.
2021GOLDBECK SOLAR celebrates 20th anniversary
Introduction of the innovation MarcS and honored with the Intersolar Award 2021
Construction of the largest project in East-Central Europe Zwartowo
Completion of Bavelseberg the most challenging project of GOLDBECK SOLAR so far
2022Goldbeck Solar übernimmt GP Joule Nordamerika. GOLDBECK SOLAR und die GP JOULE Gruppe geben bekannt, dass GOLDBECK SOLAR die PV-EPC Geschäftseinheit von GP JOULE in Nordamerika übernommen hat. Mit dieser Übernahme stärkt GOLDBECK SOLAR seine Position auf dem amerikanischen Kontinent, mit bestehenden Betrieben in Chile und Mexiko.


Figures, data, facts about the company

Installed power
> 1.500 MWp
Contracted service
> 2.500 MWp
1.500 MWp
seit 2001
Pressemappe 2024

Prese Kit German (April 2024)
Facts and Figures, Top 100 Award, Projects in Chile, Agri-PV, EcoVadis Silver Medal, Project Maasvlakte


Press Kit 2024

Press Kit English (April 2024)
Facts and Figures, Top 100 Award, Projects in Chile, Agri-PV, EcoVadis Silver Medal, Project Maasvlakte


Press photos company

Tobias Schüssler, Joachim Goldbeck, Michiel Vanhoutte
8074 × 5385 Pixel (25.9 MB)
Joachim Goldbeck - CEO GOLDBECK SOLAR
3550 × 2367 Pixel (4.1 MB)
Tobias Schüssler - COO GOLDBECK SOLAR
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Michiel Vanhoutte - COO GOLDBECK SOLAR
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GOLDBECK SOLAR Hauptsitz Deutschland
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Das Logo von Goldbeck Solar, Events
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Joachim Goldbeck
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Press photos solar parks

Bavelse Berg, Netherlands
Bavelse Berg, Netherlands
37.000 kWp
4000 × 2250 Pixel (4.2 MB)
Sunera, Germany
Sunera, Germany
20.000 kWp
4000 × 2250 Pixel (3.0 MB)
Solarpark Midden-Groningen
4000 × 3000 Pixel (10.8 MB)
Solarpark Saran, Karaganda, Kazachstan
4032 × 2268 Pixel (5.7 MB)
Solarpark Akadyr, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
4808 × 2232 Pixel (6.8 MB)
Solarpark Lelystad, Niederlande
4000 × 3000 Pixel (10.0 MB)
Solarpark Andjik, Niederlande
3840 × 2160 Pixel (5.6 MB)
Solarpark Zieriksee, Niederlanden
5472 × 3078 Pixel (14.1 MB)
Solarpark Sandridge, Großbritannien
4608 × 2592 Pixel (10.1 MB)
Solarpark Sandridge, Großbritannien
11644 × 3119 Pixel (39.1 MB)
Solarpark Zwartowo Polen
5472 × 3078 Pixel (8.8 MB)

Press photos solar roofs

Solardach Klingele Papierwerke, Deutschland
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Solardach TKS, Thailand
2306 × 1300 Pixel (2.2 MB)
Solardach Allianz Arena, Deutschland
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Solardach Clip
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