Solar projects at their best!

Photovoltaic projects have a name: GOLDBECK SOLAR. With about 20 years of experience in clean energy supply and generation - nationally and internationally - we are the experts in the implementation of commercial PV solar systems. We have already received several awards for outstanding technical solutions. Trust our company experts for the construction of your commercial PV Solar Systems. Rely on us because your wishes are the focus of our attention.

Eventually better solutions will prevail. In the case of electricity supply, renewable energies have surpassed the commercial thresholds and among them solar is on the lead. In most parts of the world it has become the most economical source of energy, scalable, cleaner, with lower levels of maintenance, uniquely, visually conservative and it can be installed nearly anywhere

Joachim Goldbeck
Joachim Goldbeck,
President of the German Solar Association since 2014
and founder of the GOLDBECK SOLAR Group

Goldbeck Solar in figures

19 years

Experience since 2001

15 countries

Business activities

707 MWp

Portfolio O&M

1.060 MWp

Installed power

1.451 MWp

Order performance




CO2 savings in tons since 2001


Supplied households

The construction of a solar system is a complex process. We accompany you through the entire development of your project as a strong partner at your side. We draw with you a clearly structured path, a systematized solution that meets technical standards and guarantees reliable quality at competitive prices. Because no matter where we support you, our first premise is your satisfaction.

Our greatest strengths lie in the precise technical execution at an optimum speed of installation. Banks know our company from professional project implementations and are willing to support your investments. Hence, GOLDBECK SOLAR guarantees you the most economical environment.

In addition, we offer you interesting solar projects in which you can invest. You are not looking for your own photovoltaic system, but want to use green electricity as a source of energy with long-term stable returns? Become our partner. Goldbeck Solar projects at their best!

We are proud of our family business. Our self-defined values of customer orientation, trust, intelligence, professionalism and success will be found in each of our employees- from the boss to the trainee. Reliability, high quality and the systematic further development of all our processes are not only written in our values, but we live them.




With almost 20 years in the photovoltaic market, GOLDBECK SOLAR is one of the most experienced solar companies in the industry. We are in a stable position and are growing steadily.



We are a family business founded on solid business values, with a focus on service and great financial strength.



Wir machen sinnvolle Geschäfte. Mit der Investition in erneuerbare Energien, in Solarenergie, schützen wir unsere Umwelt nachhaltig und übernehmen Verantwortung für unsere Welt und unser Unternehmen.



Our team combines many years of expert experience from 20 nations. This gives us many perspectives on problems, so that we always find the optimal solution for our customers.



Our duty is the implementation of an optimized, sustainable system for you as our customer.



We are constantly developing ourselves and our products. To this end, we work together with recognised research institutes in order to always be able to provide our customers with the best systems and tools.

Information about the coronavirus

GOLDBECK SOLAR supports all preventive measures taken by the government to break the infection curve of the Covid19 virus and thus ensure the health of the population.


Full protection, full commitment
Our day-to-day business will continue with small restrictions to protect customers, business partners and employees. Some of our employees will continue their work from home. All scheduled external meetings with customers or business partners, as well as internal meetings, will be scheduled as online sessions, preferably via Microsoft teams.

Due to current restrictions on transportation and personal mobility in Germany and abroad, there may be some delays in deliveries to construction sites. In any case we will inform you immediately.

We are available for all our customers and partners, best
by e-mail or telephone.

Going the extra mile
We trust that we will all return to normal conditions soon and are your reliable partner especially now. If you see any effects on your business, let us know and we will help you to overcome bottlenecks according to our possibilities.

Stay healthy!