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Our world - our responsibility - our green policy

"Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". This is how the "Brundtland Commission", the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, defined back in 1987 what we should all be committed to. GOLDBECK SOLAR takes this maxim as the basis of its Green Policy.

For GOLDBECK SOLAR, sustainability is more.

It ensures a balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social protection. It is the most important issue for our planet, the future of humanity and the stability of our economy. Renewable energies are the future of the energy market. In all our decisions, products, services and undertakings, we strive to contribute to sustainable development, promote the responsible use of resources, protect the regional environment and preserve biodiversity.

Sustainability in focus – our Green Policy


GOLDBECK SOLAR is committed to actively implementing small but effective measures in the development of our business activities in order to increasingly reduce the negative effects on the environment.

Our Green Policy concrete:


We actively promote the use of clean photovoltaic energy solutions and the efficient use of energy in all the markets we serve, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions.


As part of the supply chain, we promote activities to solve environmental problems. We are committed to ensuring that all our stakeholders promote environmental protection and minimise logistical processes in our sales, purchasing and contractual processes.


We comply with the environmental regulations of the individual countries and regions with which we cooperate.


We strengthen the awareness of our employees for sustainability and environmental issues. We motivate them to deal with environmental protection through training and further education. Internally, we promote sustainable mobility for our employees and reduce the consumption of plastics.


We are constantly developing our products with a view to the efficient use of natural resources.


We optimise our internal processes and technologies to minimise and recycle the waste generated by our daily business activities.


We are determined to create safe and healthy workplaces and to ensure that our employees are trained for all safety equipment with which they come into contact.


Overall, we are committed to continuously reviewing and improving the progress of our environmental protection performance. To this end, GOLDBECK SOLAR sets itself concrete targets.

The UN agenda

The United Nations has set 17 sustainable development goals with which we as a society make our planet a place worth living on. 17 goals, each of which is a major task in its own right, and all of which are interrelated.

As an internationally operating company, GOLDBECK SOLAR sees itself as responsible for actively participating in the achievement of these goals. Number 7, making clean and affordable energy available for everyone, is our core task.

To this end, we continue to develop our products on a daily basis and, together with our partners, are looking for solutions to make photovoltaic technologies the sustainable energy source of the future. In addition, we promote developments and solutions on the way to achieving our goals.

With an awareness of these goals, we can all contribute to achieving them through our actions. GOLDBECK SOLAR would like to set a good example here.

No poverty – Ten percent of the world population lives in extreme poverty on less than US$ 1.90 a day.

No Hunger – More than 800 million people were undernourished in 2017. The aim is to end world hunger by 2030.

Health and well-being – Health is not a luxury good. Still too many children die at the youngest age. The UN wants to ensure that everyone has access to health care and medicines.

Qualitative education – Every child has the right to education. But still not everyone has access to quality education.

Equal rights – Equal opportunities for women and men must be implemented. No woman, no girl must be discriminated against.

Clean water and sanitation – Clean water is a matter of course for us. It should of course be available to everyone everywhere in the world.

Decent working conditions and economic growth – Forced labour, human trafficking and unworthy work no longer have a place in this world.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure – In order for sustainability to work, we need a sustainable infrastructure and industrialisation and must rely on innovation.

Affordable and clean energy – Our core mission. By 2030, renewables are expected to play a key role in the global energy mix.

Remedy injustice – Inequalities in terms of gender, age, physical limitations or income should be reduced.

Sustainable cities and municipalities – A strong development only works with strong cities and communities where it is filled with life.

A sense of responsibility in consumption and production – By 2030, sustainable management and resource use should be implemented and food waste should be at least halved worldwide.

Climate protection – With the Paris Climate Convention, 175 states have agreed on a course of action. These climate targets must now be achieved.

Aquatic life – Our seas and coastal ecosystems must be sustainably protected and pollution combated.

Life in the country – Ecosystems should be protected and preserved, the loss of biodiversity stopped.

Peace, justice and strong institutions – Peaceful coexistence is still not possible in many parts of the world. The UN is working to make it possible.

Partnerships – None of us can achieve these goals alone. This can only be achieved together, with strong partnerships - both nationally and internationally.

Not talk, act

Anyone can talk about environmental protection and our responsibility for the planet. But GOLDBECK SOLAR acts.

Our business is renewable energies. We stand for solar energy, photovoltaic systems that enable our customers to cover their energy needs in a sustainable way. Green and clean. In this way we actively contribute to CO2 reduction in the markets in which we operate.

And in our everyday business life we also pay attention to how we handle our resources. For this reason, we are converting our fleet of vehicles to electric. Our employees not only have access to electric cars for their everyday work.

Through our  cooperation with JobRad we lease e-bikes for all employees who want to do so. These can be used for the company as well as privately. The monthly installments for the bike are directly offset against the gross salary, which even saves our employees money that they can then invest back in bike accessories. Good for the environment and for the health of our team.

Climate protection certificate of the ClimatePartner Foundation GmbH

We live climate protection not only through our products. At GOLDBECK SOLAR, every employee is committed to keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible. By supporting reforestation in Germany, we offset no less than 519 tonnes of CO2 in 2020.

Certified bicycle-friendly employer

Zertifikat Fahrradfreundlicher Arbeitgeber ADFC

Through our cooperation with JobRad, we lease e-bikes for all employees who want them. They can use these both for the company and privately. The monthly installments for the bike are offset directly against the gross salary, which actually saves our employees cash that they can then reinvest in bike accessories. In addition, we participate with our employees in campaigns such as the “Stadtradeln” (city cycling).

We have had our commitment certified by the Certified Bicycle-Friendly Employer initiative of the EU and ADFC. Good for the environment and for the health of our team.

Who are we?
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