Das GOLDBECKSOLAR-Team vor dem Unternehmenssitz
Das GOLDBECKSOLAR-Team vor dem Unternehmenssitz

The Goldbeck Solar Team

Our employees are an internationally positioned team of highly qualified experts in the solar industry. They are focused on providing our customers with the best possible service and ensuring reliable cooperation with all partners.

The GOLDBECK-SOLAR team masters the rules of the game and the expertise in the field of photovoltaics that is necessary to realize your solar system according to your wishes. High standards and a professional approach run through the entire process. Our customers and partners can rely on us.

Because we combine more than 20 nationalities in our company, we not only have a native speaker on hand virtually all the time, but also the ability to competently master challenges on site.

We also combine experiences of the different nations and have the possibility to look beyond the horizon to consider all variables needed to find the optimal economic solution for your solar system.

Our values form the basis of our work: customer orientation, will to succeed, professionalism, intelligence and trust. We have defined these values for our company. Every employee adheres to them. But we also set these standards for our partners.

As a company we take responsibility for our environment, our climate and our world. This goes beyond our products. Environmental protection begins with ourselves, with the way we do business as a company. Our sustainability guidelines set the path for our daily work. They are based on the sustainability goals of the UN.

GOLDBECK SOLAR – solar projects at their best

Wir sind diejenigen, die die Veränderung gestalten. Wir, das ist jede Mitarbeiterin, jeder Mitarbeiter, mit ihren und seinen Ideen und Einsatz. Wir, das ist das gesamte GOLDBECK-SOLAR-Team, das es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, saubere Energie für eine bessere Zukunft zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Joachim Goldbeck
Präsident des Bundesverbandes Solarwirtschaft Deutschland seit 2014 und Gründer der GOLDBECK SOLAR-Gruppe

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„Solar projects at their best“ – Our Values

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