Feierliche Einweihnung Zwartowo Solarpark
Zwartowo Solarpark
Zwartowo Solarpark
Zwartowo Solarpark

Inauguration of Zwartowo Solar Park

First stage of the largest solar power plant in Central Eastern Europe with a capacity of 204 MWp completed

The inauguration of Zwartowo solar park in Poland took place on 27th September in the presence of the local authorities of the region and a large number of guests. During the event, the investors expressed their satisfaction at the successful park’s first stage construction completion consisting of a capacity of 204 MWp.

Largest solar power plant in Central Eastern Europe

The investors of SPV Stigma Sp z.o.o., Joachim Goldbeck, President of GOLDBECK SOLAR Group, andSebastian Jabłoński of Respect Energy, have made the realization of this large investment possible. They have promised to continue with the expansion of the solar plant, which is planned to add another 86 MWp. With that, a total of 290 MWp is expected to be completed by 2023. The investors also announced a possible expansion of the project up to 350 MWp.

Archaeological excavations at Zwartowo

During the speeches, interesting special features of the project were highlighted. In particular, archaeological excavations were carried out with remains dating back to the 3rd century BC. On an area of 17 hectares, 933 archaeological artifacts were excavated, enriching the cultural heritage of Poland.

Zwartowo: Meaningful solar project

Joachim Goldbeck has announced the realization of a project to improve biodiversity on the site. “Supporting biodiversity together with the generation of clean energy is the best combination to support the environment.” Zwartowo project’s success has set the bar high, competing not only as a sustainable energy plant but as being biodiverse as well.

Zwartowo is of great importance for Central and Eastern Europe. For Poland in particular, the solar park makes an important contribution to achieving its own climate protection goals and energy independence. More than 90,470 households can be supplied with green energy and CO2 emissions can be reduced by about five million tonnes during the project period.

In addition to the capital provided by Joachim Goldbeck and Respect Energy, the GOLDBECK SOLAR Group was able to achieve successful financing with the EBRD as well as the two largest Polish banks, PKO BP and Bank Pekao.

Photo: (f. l. t. r.) Marcin Buchacz, Sebastian Jabłoński, Marek Gielarowiec, Steffen Emmerich, Joachim Goldbeck, Alojzy Kąkolewski

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