Hellen Elissen from Wageningen University & Research, Marcel Stöber from GOLDBECK SOLAR and Patricia Gese, responsible for Agri-PV business development at GOLDBECK SOLAR in front of a MarcS-Module
MarcS-Module in Action with clover
MarcS-Module in Action
MarcS-Module in Action
MarcS-Module in Action

The future of Agri-Photovoltaics: MarcS prototype in action

Prototype of the Modular Arc System with clover-grass cultivated below will be tested as part of the Sunbiose research project

With the Modular Arc System, (MarcS), GOLDBECK SOLAR has created a real innovation for Agri-Photovoltaics. Because the solution produces energy while agricultural activities can be continued. As part of the Sunbiose research project in cooperation with Circular8.energy and Wageningen University & Research, the MarcS prototype has now been put into operation.

MarcS features were adapted for research project

How do soil quality and microclimate as well crop quality and yield develop under the PV plant? This is the question the Sunbiose research project will be investigating over the next two years. To this end, the team led by project manager Hellen Elissen from Wageningen University & Research has already planted clover grass and will test different configurations of the PV system. “We want to find out how a different light supply affects the plants underneath,” says Hellen Elissen.

Marcel Stöber from GOLDBECK SOLAR adds: “MarcS is a uniquely developed solution that we have equipped with some technical refinements for the research project. In particular, the soil-friendly design allowed to integrate the PV plant in an already planted field. Furthermore, the ability to move the module arcs individually facilitates the evaluation of different light patterns below the PV plant.”

Thinking two steps in the future

The next two years will bring new insights into the combination of PV systems with agriculture. The research project should help to gain experience to be able to make further optimisations and development possibilities for various applications.

“For large-scale agricultural applications, the combination with robotics could be very promising. Innovative farming methods smartly combined with a PV plant would allow to increase land use and water efficiency. Within our Agri-Photovoltaics activities we are looking for solutions to increase climate resilience in the agricultural sector by improving micro-climate and achieving a protective function by the PV system. Thus, crop failures due to weather impacts as well as the use of pesticides can be reduced.” comments Patricia Gese, responsible for Agri-PV business development at GOLDBECK SOLAR.

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MarcS: Shaping the future of solar energy

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Wageningen University & Research is a leading international agricultural research institute located in the Netherlands with its headquarters in the city of Wageningen. WUR focuses on the domain ‘healthy food and living conditions’. Not only top-quality expertise is developed but this knowledge is translated into practice worldwide. As a result, in the field of life sciences, agricultural and environmental science, the university is considered world-class. It is a founding member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences.


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