Mit dem Projekt MarcS ist GOLDBECK SOLAR im Finale der Intersolar Awards
Goldbeck Solar ist Finalist beim Intersolar Award 2021

Finalist of the Intersolar Awards 2021

GOLDBECK SOLAR is a finalist of the Intersolar Awards 2021 with its innovative project MarcS. Now it’s time to keep your fingers crossed. The jury will announce the winners on 21 July.

We are in the final of the Intersolar Awards 2021 – a great success for GOLDBECK SOLAR with MarcS, a project that we will be presenting in more detail in the coming days and weeks. However, a first overview of MarcS is already available:

What is MarcS?

MarcS stands for Modular Arc System and is a modular, arc-shaped structure for solar plants. It allows the land underneath to be used for example for agriculture or other uses. The arc construction – the modules are oriented from east to west – can be moved on rails to protect or release specific areas. The entire structure is flexible, scalable, relocatable and can also be assembled automatically. In a waterproof version, rainwater can also be collected and stored.

Intersolar is the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry in Europe. Due to the pandemic, the convention, which would otherwise take place in the summer, has been postponed to October. However, the Intersolar Awards 2021 will still be presented virtually in July.

The Intersolar Awards 2021

Solar companies with forward-looking projects or developments can apply for the awards. GOLDBECK SOLAR has applied with MarcS in the category Photovoltaic Module Technology. We want to set new standards with MarcS, especially in the field of Agri-PV. With a technical potential of Agri-PV of around 1,700 gigawatts (GW) in Germany alone, we see this as a field that we can advance with our expertise from 20 years of successful involvement in the solar industry.

Do you want to learn more about MarcS?

We will introduce MarcS officially on July 21, 2021

Register here for our innovation event.

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