Technisches Anlagenmanagement

Technical asset management

Our technical asset management team is the link between the operation and maintenance of the solar plant and you, our customer. Our technical asset management team is your personal contact for all matters relating to your solar plant and prepares the reports and analyses on your solar plant for you in a transparent and clear manner.

Services of our technical asset management in detail

  • Optimisation and repair proposals
  • Support with insurance claims
  • Handling of warranty cases
  • Detailed plant reporting
  • Analysis of key performance indicators

Thermography services

With our camera or drone thermography services, we can generate a quick inventory analysis of your solar system.

By using professional analysis software, a detailed categorisation of the thermal anomalies of your solar system is available in the shortest possible time. Our staff will then support you with appropriate recommendations for action and advise you on possible measures to improve the performance of your system.

O&M service products in detail

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