Das Fraport-Solardach auf der Swissport-Frachthalle mit Wolken
Das Fraport-Solardach auf der Swissport-Frachthalle
Das Fraport-Solardach auf der Swissport-Frachthalle
Das Fraport-Solardach auf der Swissport-Frachthalle am Frankfurter Flughafen

Solar power for Fraport: an important step

Frankfurt Airport now produces its own solar power – with a photovoltaic system in the megawatt range. The plant was built on the roof of the Swissport cargo hall by GOLDBECK SOLAR.

We were recently able to hand over a significant solar project to to Fraport AG, the operating company of Frankfurt Airport: the first photovoltaic system in the megawatt range at Frankfurt Airport. GOLDBECK SOLAR realized the solar roof on the Swissport cargo hall.

The solar modules in CargoCity South are the cornerstone for clean energy generation at Frankfurt Airport. 450 households with four persons each could be supplied with the generated electricity. The 1.5 million kilowatt hours produced annually by the system now flow to various properties at the airport and will later also be used in Terminal 3 for air conditioning as well as for operating other building technology such as lighting, elevators, escalators and the like.

First cooperation with Fraport

“The megawatt system on the roof of the Swissport cargo hall is the first indirect cooperation with Fraport AG,” explains Dirk Zell, project manager at GOLDBECK SOLAR. “We were able to realize the project in 2.5 months construction time, a really good cooperation.” About 4000 solar modules and 24 Core1 inverters from SMA are used for the solar roof, that has been realized in coorparation with Premium Mounting Technologies.

Generating the electricity needed for the properties itself with the help of renewable energies is part of Fraport AG’s long-term goal of reducing its own ecological footprint. Using the large roofs to generate electricity is an important step in this direction.

An overview of the project can be found on our references page.

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