Solarpark Chile

Successful inauguration of two pioneering solar parks in Chile: Paillihue and Laja

The construction of these two solar parks allows thecountry to advance in two strategic areas: clean energy matrix and energy decentralization.

GOLDBECK SOLAR inaugurates its first two solar parks in Chile. The inauguration of the Paillihue and Laja plants took place on December 6, 2023 and was attended by prominent representatives of the region and companies from the energy sector.

With an installed capacity of 12.09 MWp, the Paillihue solar farm marks an important milestone in GOLDBECK SOLAR’s commitment to enable renewable energy generation in Chile. The solar plant features 22,176 bifacial panels and two central inverters, enabling the efficient production of 23.3 GWh/year of clean energy. This sustainable energy supply is expected to supply around 10,000 households, while saving around 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

On the other hand, the Laja solar park, also located in the same province of Biobío, has an installed capacity of 11.67 MWp and contributes significantly to the supply of clean energy. Laja integrates 21,616 bifacial panels, which guarantee an efficient production of 21.2 GWh/year of renewable energy. Like Paillihue, it is expected to supply about 9,500 households, while saving about 8,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Chile focused on renewable energies 

“Solar energy plays a major role in power generation around the world. That is why we focus on large-scale projects and offer support from the initial project idea to the operation of the systems. In doing so, we take into account the needs of local residents and seek to maintain harmony with nature, the environment and biodiversity,” explains Miguel Velasco, Area Director Ibero-America.” With the inauguration of the Paillihue and Laja solar parks, GOLDBECK SOLAR not only sets technological standards, but also demonstrates its commitment to the sustainable development of Chile.

Pedro Aravena, Project Manager of Iberoamerca’s Construction Area: “The completion of these first two solar parks Paillihue and Laja is a demonstration of two things, first, renewables are not the future but the present of any energy system that has sustainability as a priority and second, we have proven to the communities our commitment to quality and mutual support”.


F.l.t.r.: Juan Carlos Thiemann, Pedro Aravena, Project Manager Iberoamérica GOLDBECK SOLAR, Oriana Offerman Concejal Presidente de la Comisión de Medio Ambiente de Los Ángeles, Oscar Reicher, SEREMI de Medio Ambiente Región del Biobío, Miguel Velasco, Director Iberoamerica GOLDBECK SOLAR, Daniela Espinoza, SEREMI Energía Región del Biobío, Raúl Fuentes, Alcalde subrogante de Los Ángeles, en representación del Alcalde, Sr. Esteban Krause

Miguel Velasco, Head of Iberoamerica at GOLDBECK SOLAR

Solar parc Paillihue in Chile

Daniela Espinoza, Seremi de Energía, Región del Biobío

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