Luftaufnahme vom Solarpark Bavelse Berg
Solarpark Bavelse Berg
Solarpark Bavelse Berg
Solarpark Bavelse Berg

Bavelse Berg solar landfill: Technical masterpiece

With the Bavelse Berg solar landfill, GOLDBECK SOLAR has successfully completed the construction of one of the most challenging landfills in the Netherlands.

Bavelse Berg is well known beyond the Breda region and, due to its height in the flat Netherlands, can be seen from afar. What is not visible is the technical masterpiece that GOLDBECK SOLAR has achieved in the construction of the new Bavelse Berg solar landfill. The solar plant has been mechanically completed and will contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands in the future.

Circumstances required massive preliminary planning

“The Bavelse Berg solar landfill is a dual-use project,” begins Tobias Friedrich, Head of PC Netherlands. “In addition to storing waste, energy will also be produced here in the future. This makes the symbolic and well-known mountain an important part of the Dutch energy transition.” But even more significant for Tobias Friedrich was the technical challenge: “Bavelse Berg is, in my opinion, the most difficult and demanding project that GOLDBECK SOLAR has built so far. It is a worthy confirmation of our 20 years of experience.”

Specifically, Friedrich is alluding to the level of technological innovation in the construction of the project for GROENDUS. The landfill is covered with foil. This foil starts just below the surface in various areas. In addition, the landfill has numerous valves and a pipe system that was built for the escape of gas from the landfill.

At the same time, the geographical conditions of the mountain and the current use by agriculture also had to be taken into account in the planning. Finally, the plant must be flexible enough to compensate for the natural shape of the mountain. In addition, the PV modules should not block the agricultural land. And GOLDBECK SOLAR also had to take meticulous care not to damage anything during construction.

“For us, this meant massive pre-planning work,” says project manager Maurizio Luvera. “For this, we had to use the highest engineering skills and even take innovative approaches at times to be able to realize the project with all its imponderables.”

However, it was not only the technical challenge that made the project difficult for GOLDBECK SOLAR. The Corona pandemic also meant more complex construction conditions for the international company. “In the end, however, we were able to complete everything for the most part,” Maurizio Luvera sums up.

Bavelse Berg solar landfill: successful completion

With mechanical completion, the energy supply from the Bavelse Berg solar landfill can now begin. In the future, the plant will supply electricity for 9,000 households. At the same time, the landfill site provides a habitat for various animals and produces gas in addition to energy.

More about the plant can be found on our reference page.

Solarpark Bavelse Berg, Breda II

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