Mitarbeiter von Goldbeck Solar bei der internen Planung

Why you should rely on in-house planning at EPC companies

Internal planning for building projects has far-reaching advantages over external planners.

Contracts with EPC companies offer a huge advantage for project investors and plant owners. Especially on more complex projects. Because EPC enables more effective risk management and a sustainable increase in efficiency when operating a plant.

However, choosing an EPC company is not an easy task. Numerous nuances and requirements can influence, if a partner is the right one. The factor of whether projects should be planned in-house or externally also plays a central role here.

EPC: More risks through external planning

While some EPC companies rely on external planning for all projects, GOLDBECK SOLAR GmbH sees in-house planning ahead in comparison. “Our experience from more than 1,000 successfully completed projects in 15 countries shows us that external planning means more and more coordination and interface management as well as a lengthy construction and follow-up phase,” says Tobias Schüßler, COO at Goldbeck Solar GmbH.

For customers there is also the risk that some experiences or product information taken into account during external planning are either out of date or not suitable for the project-specific requirements. At the same time, the risk increases that there can quickly arise conflicts between planners and project or construction management from different companies, causing errors for which external planners do not want to be liable.

External planning for GOLDBECK SOLAR is therefore not possible, especially for complex projects. “Our internal planning teams are in daily contact with all departments in order to take current experience and product strategies into account,” explains Ralf Steinheiser, Head of International Projects at Goldbeck Solar GmbH. “As a result, we always know the current requirements and can quickly evaluate, plan and implement changes in projects. That doesn’t work with external planning.”

GOLDBECK SOLAR convinced of in-house planning

“Our experience has shown us how important in-house planning is for the smooth implementation of solar projects. Because many small details make an immense difference in the end, which is why the planning largely determines the quality of the building project. It is not uncommon for satisfied customers to want the same project team for their follow-up projects,” summarizes Christian Hödtke, Head of Technical Standards and Applications at Goldbeck Solar GmbH. The planning team at GOLDBECK SOLAR therefore takes the necessary time to plan “integrally”. It is in constant communication with the construction and project management as well as the selected manufacturers.

In this way, from planning to implementation, the project should run as optimally as possible for the customer, both technically and economically. Internal planning is a very important element for GOLDBECK SOLAR in order to achieve this.

What does mean at GOLDBECK SOLAR?? We explain it in detail.

Photographer: Bernd Siebold

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