Solar park with East-West orientation

Twice as sustainable: Energy park with photovoltaics and wind power

Duurkenakker energy park is the first joint project for Goldbeck Solar and Sunvest

Goldbeck Solar is venturing into a special project with Sunvest. As not only a 64 MWp photovoltaic system but also a wind farm is to be built in parallel on the site from mid- May. Based on its experience, the German EPC company is confident that the solar project can be successfully completed in the planned time frame.


Goldbeck Solar convinces with experience

Duurkenakker energy park is intended to make a further contribution to sustainable energy production in the Netherlands and to achieve the targets set out in the national energy agreement. Therefore, not only a solar park but also a wind power plant is to be built on a former agricultural area of about 50 hectares.

The Dutch company Sunvest is relying on Goldbeck Solar for the first time to implement it. The EPC company can look back on a long history of successfully completed solar projects, especially those in the Netherlands. “Goldbeck Solar is very familiar with the conditions in the Netherlands. That was one of the reasons why we chose them to build the Duurkenakker energy park,” explained Bob Schulte from Sunvest


Coordination of both projects is important

By combining photovoltaics and wind in a single area, special attention is paid to the coordination of both objects as the solar park is to be completed within seven months and put into operation in autumn 2020. This can only be achieved through precise planning of logistics.




Solar park with East-West orientation


“Although the combination of photovoltaics and the parallel works on the wind farm by another party presents us with logistical challenges, it makes the project all the more exciting. We look forward to working with Sunvest and are confident that we will realize a signature energy park in Duurkenakker,” summarised Tobias Friedrich, Head of Solar Nederland.


Clean power for the region

With an installed capacity of 64 MWp, the solar park will make an important contribution to the Midden-Groningen region and sustainable energy production in the Netherlands from the end of 2020. The energy park will not only supply 20,000 households with clean electricity, but also save 25,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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