MarcS System gewinnt Award

MarcS: Shaping the future of solar energy

GOLDBECK SOLAR launches the solar arc that will change the photovoltaic industry | Winner of the Intersolar Award 2021

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, GOLDBECK SOLAR presents an innovation that will change the construction of solar plants. With the innovative product MarcS (Modular Arc System), which was awarded the Intersolar Award 2021, solar systems are installed in the form of solar arches. The area available for solar energy generation is built over in such a way that space underneath remains usable. All while maximizing solar energy production. MarcS allows for more effective land use, increased profitability, and more efficient use of resources.

Enormous added value for agriculture

The inspiration for this design not only comes from 20 years of experience in building solar systems, but it also feeds from the wishes and ideas of the farmers who have shaped the product development process with us. MarcS represents a way for farmers to generate more income from their crops by using their land twice. “MarcS is a real innovation that takes into account the challenges in agriculture and offers suitable solutions for them,” explains Joachim Goldbeck, Managing Director of GOLDBECK SOLAR.

The shape of the arch is statically very solid and widely used in architecture, as well as commonly found in majestic formations of nature. The arches can slide on the side rails. Their position is flexibly adjustable. Land areas in this way can be released or protected from the sun’s rays at will. This feature is particularly interesting for alternative use of land areas. And there are even more advantages for farmers. For one thing, the modules protect animals and plants from extreme weather conditions such as hail, drought, or excessive sunlight. For another, temperature, humidity, and light can be better controlled, optimizing the quality of breeding and harvesting.

In addition, very interesting extensions are planned for the use of the space under the modules. For example, vertical farming with additional light is just as conceivable as closing off the side areas for additional storage space. All this and much more is currently being developed based on a robotic farming concept.

Automated assembly

In the future, the new product will include an automatic or semi-automatic installation concept that brings speed and accuracy. “We are entering a new generation of solar power plant installation. MarcS construction is much easier and faster,” says Joachim Goldbeck, managing director of GOLDBECK SOLAR.

Available in the Netherlands and later in other countries

MarcS will first be offered in the Dutch market starting in 2022, where MarcS will soon be used for the first time in the realization of a solar plant of one of our regular customers. An installed capacity of 45 MWp is the target of this plant. After that, other markets will follow.

More information about MarcS

To learn more about MarcS, visit our website or meet us live at the Solar Solutions exhibition (Hall A2.1) from September 28-30 at Expo Haarlemmermeer in Amsterdam.

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