Converting to solar power: What companies need to be aware of

Exploding energy costs cause companies to increasingly consider switching to solar power

While the solar obligation already applies to new commercial buildings, existing buildings have so far been exempt from it. However, rising energy prices and fears of impending power outages are already causing many companies to reconsider their own power supply. But how sensible is it for companies to convert to solar power?



Driving the energy transition with solar power

The energy transition is already underway, but Germany is only performing at a medium level when it comes to renewable energies. This is one reason why many companies have justified fears when it comes to the future of the power supply. Wars and crises are currently exacerbating this situation and thus ensuring that more and more companies want to rely on solar power.

Tobias Schüssler, Managing Director of GOLDBECK SOLAR, says: “Converting to solar power is worthwhile in any case. In view of the ever-increasing electricity prices, it is currently even more worthwhile than ever. And the topics of sustainability and environmental protection are also becoming increasingly important in our society.”

Especially companies with large commercial buildings or production halls have an advantage here. This is because they have relatively large areas for PV systems. However, the roof must also be suitable for the system. This means: a sufficient free static load, no renovation required and, if possible, no disturbing superstructures. In addition, the electrical installation must also comply with the currently valid standards. If this is the case, there is nothing to stop the installation or conversion from a technical point of view.

PV system as an investment for the future

“Even if delivery times are currently rather longer due to high demand, the consideration definitely makes sense,” explains Tobias Schüssler. “In general, companies can plan for costs of about 1,000 euros per 1,000 kWh/a as a rough guide. Depending on the location, plant size, current component prices and existing connections and installations, investment costs and yield will vary.”

The bottom line, however, is that investing in a PV system is always worthwhile. After all, solar power is one of the most important and cost-effective energy sources for the energy transition, and demand will continue to rise in the future. “In the long term, there are significant savings for companies through the use of PV,” concludes Schüssler.

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