RheinmainTV mit Joachim Goldbeck

Joachim Goldbeck at rheinmain Wirtschaft: “Anyone who wants to operate on the market in the long term must be fair and trustworthy

How important are ethical values for companies today? This was discussed by GOLDBECK-SOLAR CEO Joachim Goldbeck on Tuesday evening with Dr. Lutz.Raettig, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Morgan Stanley Bank AG and Christoph Dyckerhoff, ethics consultant personnel consultant and ethics expert in the BDU in the program rheinmain Wirtschaft on rheinmainTV.

“How has your company developed during the corona crisis?”, moderator Anke Seeling opened the discussion round at rheinmain Wirtschaft this week. In addition to Joachim Goldbeck, Dr. Lutz Raettig from J.P. Morgan Stanley Bank and BDU ethics expert Christoph Dyckerhoff. were invited. The round table discussed which values companies are setting themselves up today and how important sustainable thinking at all levels is not only during the pandemic, but in general in today’s world.

Joachim Goldbeck was able to paint a very positive picture: “Energy is still needed. Our customers are making long-term investments, the product itself is not affected”. In the processes, GOLDBECK SOLAR also felt limitations, for example when module deliveries from countries such as China were no longer possible. “But we were able to react well to this.” Currently, the company is struggling to ensure that its employees can work safely on construction sites – with suitable hygiene measures. “But these are rather minor problems,” Goldbeck said, raising concerns.

Acting ethically and sustainably is essential

The fact that GOLDBECK SOLAR is so well positioned is naturally due to the fact that clean energy is an issue that affects us all.  “If we want to maintain the climate in such a livable way, energy must be made clean.

“We must do something about climate overheating. This will result in so much bad for the world. So I hope and believe that politics and the economy are beginning to think more sustainably. Then we will be able to mitigate climate change.

Trust as a basis

The trust of customers and partners in the operating companies is the basis for changing things together,” he says, “I believe there are two things you have to look at in companies: Is the product really good? And: How is the creation process? Are ethical rules broken?”

Customers are attaching more and more importance to companies acting responsibly. Especially as a company in the renewable energy sector, one has to set a good example in order to be credible.

“From my perspective, trust is the basis of the economy. If trust is lacking, customers will not invest in the future,” Joachim Goldbeck is convinced. “Trust is created when you can rely on people. When they behave ethically, not erratically.”

You can find our corporate values here.

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