Der Solarpark Duurkenakker

Project Duurkenakker is completed: The symbiosis of solar and wind park

With the Duurkenakker solar park, GOLDBECK SOLAR completes the first project in which solar and wind energy are combined. With an installed capacity of 64 MWp, around 20,000 households will be supplied with clean electricity.

The 64 MWp plant in Duurkenakker in the Midden-Groningen region already stands out visually. Covering an area of about 50 hectares, the solar park surrounds a wind plant. “An exciting synergy,” explains Head of Solar Netherland Tobias Friedrich. “Duurkenakker is the first project we have built together with Dutch investor Sunvest and also the first to integrate a wind plant.”

Duurkenakker: a logistic challenge

This combination also brought challenges for construction logistics, Friedrich further explains. For example, not only the area for the wind turbine had to be kept clear, but also the access road for the delivery of the rotor blades. “For maintenance, it also has to be considered that ice forms on rotor blades in winter and that can have an impact on the photovoltaic system.”

Duurkenakker was built in just seven months using modules from Suntech and inverters and transformers from Huawai.

The solar supplies around 20,000 households with clean electricity. 25,000 tons of CO2 can be saved per year in this way.

In total, GOLDBECK SOLAR has installed 270 MWp of capacity on Dutch land in 2020. Two more smaller projects, Veendam 3 and Goes, are to be commissioned by the end of the year.

More information about the Duurkenakker project can be found in our news and on the reference page.

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