GOLDBECK SOLAR und PMT arbeiten künftig enger zusammen. Das Foto zeigt die Geschäftsführer beider Unternehmen beim virtuellen Handshake.

GOLDBECK SOLAR and PMT combine their expertise in the solar industry

Joachim Goldbeck Holding GmbH as shareholder of the GOLDBECK SOLAR Group is now majority shareholder of PMT (Premium Mounting Technology Systems). A cooperation that paves the way for new developments and product optimizations in the solar industry. With this strategic alliance, GOLDBECK SOLAR offers its customers a plus in quality and safety when installing solar systems.

Two solar companies with premium standards join forces to meet the challenges of the solar industry with sustainable and well thought-out products. With the majority shareholding in PMT (Premium Mounting Technologies), the market leader in the field of mounting systems for photovoltaic roof systems, GOLDBECK SOLAR strengthens its corporate position for the future. The companies bring together their respective strengths and use the valuable synergies for new developments in the areas of agri-PV or ground-mounted systems as well as for product optimizations in the areas of flat roof and industrial carport systems.

For PMT, the participation of Joachim Goldbeck Holding GmbH in PMT secures a stable financial position. In the future, Premium Mounting Technologies will be able to scale up projects and design more competitive options for its customers.

Quality, safety, practicality

Both companies are combining their expertise to provide customers with solid, long-lasting quality for their solar installations without giving up their own independence. PMT will continue to operate independently on the market as a sister company of GOLDBECK SOLAR. Our values of quality, safety and practicality will remain at the forefront.

“It is a win-win situation for both companies and their customers. We complement each other in our fascination for technical excellence and our innovative spirit. Both teams are dynamically and passionately committed to solar energy and develop it further together,” says Joachim Goldbeck, founder of the holding company of the same name.

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