Goldbeck Solar successfully enters the Polish market

EPC company successfully completes first solar project in Poland. Goldbeck Solar has now successfully launched a large solar roof project on the Polish market. In recent months, the EPC company has installed solar systems on the industrial roofs of the Clip Logistics Group in Poznan. The project posed a great challenge for Goldbeck Solar in terms of both planning and logistics. However, the Hirschberg-based company managed to complete the project within the planned timeframe.

Solar roof systems for logistics service providers

The client was the Polish logistics service provider Clip based in Poznan. The modern company has long been interested in installing solar systems on the roofs of its industrial buildings and thus reducing its CO2 footprint. With the support of Goldbeck Solar, this plan was now to be implemented.

Five individual halls, each with large systems and several thousand modules, result in a permanent logistical effort that is significantly greater than for open space systems. This included the planning and physical integration into the plants, the exchange of numerous components and the coordination and distribution of the required material. In addition, Clip’s trade logistics were not to be affected by the installation of the solar system.

“The existing electrical operating rooms and the customer’s electrical requirements were a particular challenge for us,” explains Salim Bouziri, electrical planner at Goldbeck Solar. “Of course, these were not yet designed for the additional components of a PV system. Due to the large systems, the cabinets we installed were larger in the end than with other roof systems. So we again had to find suitable solutions.” Goldbeck Solar was able to develop a suitable concept by dividing the components into several feed-in rooms or by installing additional platforms.

First project in Poland completed on schedule

“With an execution period of three months we were faced with a lot of work in a short time”, Tobias Schüßler, Managing Director of Goldbeck Solar, summarizes the project. Nevertheless, the company managed to complete the project within the planned three months. After the start of construction at the end of May, the first acceptance took place at the end of August.

A total of just under 23,000 modules were installed on the five halls, which together produce an output of 6.716 MWp. The entire capacity will be used for the company’s own requirements. This was Goldbeck Solar’s first project in Poland. Further projects are to follow soon after the successful completion.

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