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Sonnenweg: GOLDBECK SOLAR builds first Agri-PV innovation park for research, education and citizen participation

The Sonnenweg is the first innovation park to combine agri-PV solutions and biodiversity, including citizen participation and a nature trail, in a single project. The generated energy is fed into the public grid and enables a citizen participation platform. Educational trail will be accessible to school classes, employees and interested people.

GOLDBECK SOLAR has entered into a pioneering partnership with EG Hohe Waid and AVR Energie to jointly realize the “Sonnenweg Hirschberg”. This project provides for the development, realization and operation of multi-purpose photovoltaic systems on over 10 hectares in Hirschberg a.d. Bergstrasse. The “Sonnenweg” is to include various open space solutions that will be used simultaneously for agriculture and to promote biodiversity. The variety ranges from a ground-level Agri-PV system to a high-mounted agri-PV system and a biodiversity solution.

The Sonnenweg Innovation Park will have a total system size of around 5MWp, enabling the efficient production of 5.6 GWh/year of clean energy. This sustainable energy supply will cater to approximately 1,700 households anually, simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions by around 2,200 tons per year. The PV system will be sold via a direct marketer in compliance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act and the generated energy will be fed into the public grid, aligning with the concept of promoting secure citizen participation.


First innovation park for research, education and citizen participation

The Sonnenweg aims to generate electricity from renewable energies using existing areas in harmony with nature conservation and agriculture. The project seeks to demonstrate various possibilities, such as dedicating around 2 hectares of the total area as a reference zone without PV systems. This approach enables the comparison of agricultural areas and the application of the knowledge gained to develop new Agri-PV projects.

As an educational trail, the Sonnenweg serves to provide information about various multi-purpose PV concepts. It will be open to the public and provide a platform for sustainable education. Citizens, school classes, employees and interested parties will be able to visit the facility and find out more with the help of the information boards.

“The Sonnenweg is more than just a multi-purpose photovoltaic system – it is the result of an innovative, valuable and constructive partnership between GOLDBECK SOLAR, EG Hohe Waid and AVR Energie,” explain Max Huber and Patricia Gese, project developers at GOLDBECK SOLAR. “This innovation park is to become a showcase for sustainable energy generation, but also a symbol of our community’s commitment to civic participation, education, nature conservation and environmental protection. In this way, we not only want to generate clean energy, but also shape a more sustainable future together.


Unique partnership for local development

The project involves collaboration with regional partners, each contributing their expertise. Notably, GOLDBECK SOLAR plays a significant role in developing the multi-purpose PV solutions. The Hohe Waid energy cooperative facilitates citizen participation for smaller investments, and AVR Energie, acting as a municipal partner, invests to ensure the smooth functioning of the solar path infrastructure.

The solar path primarily spans a 200-meter strip along the A5 motorway, situated in close proximity to GOLDBECK SOLAR’s headquarters. Construction is anticipated to commence by the end of 2024, with the inauguration of the innovation park scheduled for 2025.

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