Goldbeck Solar returns to the British market

Creacombe + Marlands Solar Farm is Goldbeck Solar’s first subsidy-free project with an installed capacity of 7.3 MWp

Goldbeck Solar has successfully returned to the British market with its first subsidy-free solar plant. This confirms the EPC company’s competitiveness for the solar market.

The Creacombe + Marlands Solar Farm in Yealmpton near Plymouth is Goldbeck Solar’s first subsidy-free solar project in the UK. After four months of construction, the plant has now been officially opened and is now generating 7,640 MWh per year to supply the surrounding households and industry with green energy.

Brexit caused uncertainty

In Great Britain as in many other countries, the plan is to focus increasingly on renewable and thus environmentally friendly energies. As a result, Goldbeck Solar received an order to build a solar plant on a piece of farmland near Yealmpton. Since Goldbeck Solar is a German company, the brexit caused uncertainty before construction.

However, the Hirschberg-based company was able to dispel all reservations and implement the project successfully. The installed Canadian Solar KuMax Poly 365W modules now produce around 7.640 MWh per year and thus reduce annual CO2 emissions by around 2,000 tonnes.

High acceptance by residents

The new solar farm belongs not only to investors but also to the community around Newton & Noss, Holbeton, Yealmpton, Wembury and Brixton. As a result, the acceptance of the project is particularly high. The pasture land on which the facility is located continues to be used agriculturally through species-rich grasses and wild plants. The system thus also blends in well with its surroundings.

With the Creacombe + Marlands Solar Farm, Goldbeck Solar has proven that it is also ready for the British market and can successfully implement its mission to build environmentally friendly solar plants worldwide. At the same time, the experienced company shows that its ability and flexibility to adapt to challenging requirements in order to complete the project successfully.

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