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First large-scale PV project with battery storage – GOLDBECK SOLAR builds 32-megawatt system for RheinEnergie in Lärz/Rechlin

GOLDBECK SOLAR is excited to announce its continued support for RheinEnergie’s renewable energy portfolio expansion. After the successful completion of last year’s 18-megawatt peak (MWp) solar park in Hemau, Bavaria, we are now embarking on our next ambitious project. This upcoming solar park will be situated in the scenic communities of Lärz and Rechlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, near the Müritz airfield.

With a total capacity of 32 MWp, this new plant is set to nearly double the capacity of the Hemau solar park. Once operational, it will generate a substantial amount of clean electricity, enough to power approximately 10,000 households. What makes this project even more remarkable is the integration of a cutting-edge battery storage system with a capacity of 7 MWh (MegaWatt hours). This innovation ensures that the electricity produced will be available consistently, even during periods of reduced sunlight or at night.

Integration of a battery storage system

RheinEnergie embraces its success in the highly competitive innovation competition of the amended Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2021). It has secured a significant 20 MWp contract for its cutting-edge solar plant, complemented by an impressive 7 MWh battery storage integration. RheinEnergie’s decision to market the remaining portion of the plant without government subsidies, emphasizes their vision of promoting electricity marketing through battery storage, a rapidly expanding and crucial area of the business.

”We firmly believe that battery storage is a crucial addition, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of expanding renewable energies,” emphasizes Tobias Schüssler, COO of GOLDBECK SOLAR

With this groundbreaking decision, RheinEnergie is strategically shaping the future viability of energy storage solutions. The ingenious combination of photovoltaic systems and the 7 MWh battery storage system elevates the generation and utilization of clean energy to unparalleled heights. This innovative battery storage solution enables efficient storage of surplus electricity, ensuring it can be readily accessed when needed, further empowering our journey towards a greener tomorrow.

GOLDBECK SOLAR is pleased to be working with RheinEnergie on this forward-looking project. Our team of professionals brings the necessary know-how and commitment to successfully complete the construction of this solar park. By October 2023, we will have installed more than 56,800 solar modules on an impressive area of around 30 hectares. The planned commissioning of the solar park is scheduled for early 2024 and we are confident that it will be a great success for our customer RheinEnergie.

As GOLDBECK SOLAR, we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with RheinEnergie and to jointly contribute to the success of this pioneering project, which will make an important contribution to the promotion of renewable energies and climate protection.

About RheinEnergie

RheinEnergie is a company that is intensively committed to the energy transition. It operates 28 photovoltaic plants on open spaces and roofs throughout Germany with an installed capacity of around 57 MWp. It also operates 26 wind farms with a total of 107 turbines and a proportionate installed capacity of more than 172 MW. The amount of electricity generated annually in this way is arithmetically sufficient to supply around 110,000 households. As part of its strategy to expand renewable energies, RheinEnergie has set itself the goal of increasing its power plants to 600 MW by 2035. To this end, the company is developing wind and solar power plant projects throughout Germany.



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