Aerial view of the construction area of the Lelystad solar park

Goldbeck Solar expands solar park Lelystad

Second construction phase to be connected to the grid in summer 2020

With Solarvation II, the expansion of the first construction phase in Lelystad is approaching. The second project with Solarvation is scheduled for completion in summer 2020 and will have an installed capacity of 13.7 MWp.

Extension to be completed in summer

Already during the first construction phase in Lelystad, the soil posed particular challenges for Goldbeck Solar. Firstly, large areas of old stables and traffic areas were demolished; and secondly, the area along the Wisentweg was still about five metres below the water surface some 65 years ago. This makes the soil in this region in part very special and additional foundation work was necessary in some sub-areas.

In the second construction phase, there are some old stables that must also be demolished. However, the necessary earthworks are expected to be less of an influencing factor than in the first construction phase. The start of construction is planned for mid-April/ early May. “If there are no major incidents, we will be able to complete the expansion of Lelystad within three to four months,” adds Netherlands operation manager, Marcel Stoeber. This means that the extension is likely to be connected to the grid during the summer.

“We were already very satisfied with our first collaboration with Goldbeck Solar,” says Solarvation initiator, Luke Bouwman. “Therefore, it was clear to us that we would be relying on Goldbeck Solar for the second construction phase.” After completion of the second part, Solar Park Lelystad will have a total installed capacity of 41.7 MWp from late summer of 2020. The plant can thus supply almost 10,000 households with clean energy. This saves around 20,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

Citizens as co-investors

A special feature of Solar Park Lelystad is that those interested are able to purchase a piece of the park from 25 euro at Every citizen has the opportunity to participate in sustainable energy production in Lelystad.

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