Projekt Fluitenberg CHINT
Projekt Pesse CHINT

CHINT Solar realised 6 parks with GOLDBECK SOLAR in 2022

Pesse and Fluitenberg solar parks to supply more than 20,000 households from 2023 onwards.


GOLDBECK SOLAR has built two solar parks for its customer CHINT Solar in the province of Drenthe. Pesse and Fluitenberg are the fifth and sixth projects that GOLDBECK SOLAR has connected to the grid with CHINT in the Netherlands in 2022. In total, CHINT Solar thus achieves an output of almost 130 MWp. The end investor of the solar parks is Blue Elephant Energy, Hamburg.

Two new solar parks for the Drenthe region

The solar park Fluitenberg is being built northwest of the village with the same name as the province of Drenthe. 61,000 modules will generate an output of 33.5 MWp and thus green electricity for about 11,000 households. The solar park Pesse is similar in size. On a site of just under 25 hectares, GOLDBECK SOLAR is installing 58,000 solar modules with an output of 32.1 MWp. This will enable Pesse to supply approximately 10,000 households with sustainable energy.


While the size and output of the two parks are similar, the landscape integration of the two plants is different. It is oriented towards special features of the surrounding landscape and requests from the surrounding area. In Pesse, for example, nature strips will be created on the north and west sides. In Fluitenberg, on the other hand, a loose hedge will be planted around the solar park to conceal the panels.

Completion before the end of the year 2022

Since the construction start in August, more than 100,000 solar modules have been installed by December. “The somewhat delayed delivery of the components added to the time pressure that already existed. But we were able to manage it very well,” explains Tobias Friedrich, Head of Solar Netherlands.

Oliver Schweininger, Managing Director of CHINT Solar GmbH, adds: “Thanks to the good cooperation with GOLDBECK SOLAR, we were able to complete the Pesse and Fluitenberg solar parks on time. From 2023, we will be able to reliably supply more than 20,000 households in the Drenthe region with green energy.”

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