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GOLDBECK SOLAR supports initiative for European PV production

Production of solar modules in Europe should realise less dependence on other countries and establish Europe as an important solar centre

Recent years have shown how problematic globalisation is when existing supply chains do not function. Missing components, production stops and long waiting or delivery times then put companies in a distress situation. Leading solar companies in Europe therefore see the need to relocate part of the production of solar modules to Europe. GOLDBECK SOLAR also supports the initiative, which is to be discussed in the European Commission.

Lack of production is a risk

Europe is currently at a crossroads. The economic imbalance clearly shows that the continent can no longer rely exclusively on the import of solar modules and inverters from Asia. This is not only about the danger of delivery delays due to political tensions or global crises like the Corona pandemic. The strong focus on research for more innovative technologies in countries like China or India also ensures a strong dependency and the loss of own skilled workers as well as their know-how.

In view of the European climate goals, this is a major risk. After all, solar energy is one of the main pillars for achieving these goals. Leading European solar companies see the European Commission as having a duty here. The Commission should implement further short-term measures to promote the development of European production.

Establish Europe as an important solar location

The initiative aims to produce at least 20 GW of solar modules in Europe by 2025. This should help to diversify production and reduce dependence on individual countries. At the same time, the global competitiveness of the European solar industry is to be strengthened and Europe established as an important location in the global solar market.

As part of their initiative, the participating solar companies recently sent a letter to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. This should be the starting signal to repeat the success of the EU chip law in the course of a European production of solar modules.

You can read the letter here: https://lnkd.in/epwzwAfs

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