Planungsbild per Luftaufnahme des Solarparks Bavelse Berg

Bavelse Berg: GOLDBECK SOLAR can also be ambitious

Hirschberger EPC company builds another solar park in the Netherlands

On behalf of Rooftop Energy, Goldbeck Solar is building another solar park in the Netherlands, east of Breda.

Bavelse Berg: First project for Rooftop Energy 

For GOLDBECK SOLAR, this is the first project commissioned by Rooftop Energy – and a very ambitious one as well.  The solar park will be erected on a former landfill site at Bavelse Berg, which only offers limited pile driving options.

“With an installed capacity of 37 MWp, the Bavelse solar park near the municipality of Breda in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant will supply around 13,000 households with green energy after commissioning and thereby save 15,000 tonnes of CO2 per year”, explained Tobias Friedrich, Head of Solar Netherlands. “For this purpose, GOLDBECK SOLAR is installing about 94,000 Jinko Bifacial solar modules as well as decentralised inverters from Huawei. Even though the soil conditions present us with some challenges in advance, we are confident that we will be able to complete the project within the planned time.”


Bavelse Berg is one of the most complexities projects in the history of GOLDBECK SOLAR. It is expected that the park will be completed and grid connected in spring 2021.

GOLDBECK SOLAR relies on experience

With the Bavelse solar park, GOLDBECK SOLAR has taken on another project in the Netherlands. The Hirschberger EPC company can thus draw on the experience gained from past projects to successfully implement the solar park near Breda and to provide employers and stakeholders with a key project in the region.

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