Goldbeck Solar builds solar park in spectacular location

Netherlands: 14.1 MWp are being created in Zeeland for a private investor

The “Zonnepark Zierikzee” solar project is currently under construction directly below the Zeeland Bridge on the Dutch coast of the North Sea. With an output of 14.1 MWp, this is a large project within the popular tourist region. The plant is paid for by private investor and entrepreneur Daniël Lodders.

Here, entrepreneur Lodders has a real prestige project built. Himself CEO of the Saman Group, which is active in the field of small PV systems, he decided in favor of the area that can be seen from the “Zeelandbrug” (Zeeland Bridge) while traveling to Holland’s largest tourist area. “A project that not only produces green electricity, thus reducing the burden on the environment. The spectacular location will certainly also enhance image and marketing,” believes international Key Account Manager Tobias Friedrich from Goldbeck Solar.

He sees structural challenges in the strong wind at the North Sea, and the salty subsoil. “These are all things we can cope with. After numerous projects in the Netherlands, we know the typical soil conditions and environmental influences,” he confirms. After the start of construction in July, he intends to complete the project by the end of November.

The Zeeland region is ideal for solar farms. With insolation values similar to those in Cornwall, this region is also profitable in an east-west orientation, and will generate 12 MWh during its first year. Distibutor Libra Energy supplies the 43,000 modules of the Boviet brand. The building permit was only issued by the authorities on the condition that a five-meter high wall be erected for visual protection. However, this does not conceal the view of the system from the bridge.

The prestigious solar project “Zonnepark Zierikzee” in the Netherlands has a capacity of 14.1 MWp, and is privately financed. (Photo: Goldbeck Solar)

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