How to finance?

How to finance?

Self-investment for own consumption – You like to hold the reins in your hand? Then you put on equity or a solar loan to make your own power plant out of your roof, carport or your open space

You obtain following advantages:


The electricity price is safe and stable in the long term.


Electricity costs are the highest operating expenditure. You save significantly on your own energy costs.


You maximize the accruing yields as all tax and profit benefits flow directly to you.


The intrinsic current from a photovoltaic system is taxed less than conventional electricity.


You use the low interest rate and secure the required debt at favorable conditions.


Sie nutzen bisher ungenutzte eigene Fläche.

Investment on our part – your electricity through PPA

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

You don’t want to build and invest, but still wish to participate in the climate change and switch to green electricity? Then just buy the clean electricity and leave it to us to operate the plant. Goldbeck Solar has now positioned itself, as a private electricity provider in the market. We offer our customers an attractive partnership. The Power Purchase Agreement, in short, PPA, is our service contract for your solar power and probably the most interesting option for most companies.

Goldbeck Solar installs the photovoltaic system and organizes the financing of the entire installation costs. Your participation is negligible – often our partners do not even need to reach into their own pockets.

Goldbeck Solar owns the installation, you buy the clean electricity from us, which is produced within the agreed period, i.e. between 20 and 25 years, at a stable price.

You can benefit from …

  • Long-term price stability.
  • Significant cost savings over a long period of time.
  • Very low or even no cost of capital.
  • Limited risk because you do not need to own, monitor or maintain the installation.
  • An optimal leverage of the available tax credits. (Valid for Mexico and Chile)
  • The positive image for your company.

We also rent your roof area from 5,000 m²!

Joint investment – Partnership by IPP (Independen Power Producer)

Goldbeck Solar launches its solar strategy as IPP with the development of its own projects, selected based on strict quality criteria. Together with our partners, we develop projects in selected countries and can thereby offer you many different investment opportunities that you can put together according to your needs. We are ready to analyze new approaches to the use of photovoltaics and to launch them together with our partners.

We advise you not only in the implementation, but also in the financing of special projects competently and professionally, we are willing to find the financing model that suits perfectly your needs. We also look for non-obvious solutions, a look that we have sharpened and evolved thanks to years of experience in the industry.

You can rely on this: Goldbeck Solar Projects are bankable projects that will convince your financial institution.



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