Flat Roof Systems: Commercial & Industrial PV Solar Roofs

„Build solar modules on the roof of your company. Then you can produce your own electricity and also contribute positively to the environment.“ This advice is given to many entrepreneurs today, but they are often wrongly advised by implementing their photovoltaic system. In order for a photovoltaic system to truly become a successful project, it must be carefully tailored to the roof on which it is to be built respecting the individual conditions. Office buildings, production halls, parking garages or logistics properties – each type of building offers different requirements for a solar system.

The solution for your goal

Together with you, we analyze your wishes and goals and develop an optimal solution for your project. With our self-developed and optimized for flat roof systems SUNOLUTION and SUNOVATION®, Goldbeck Solar has the right solution for every profile and every commercial roof – installation and safe-operation, durable and user-friendly. Goldbeck Solar is your specialist for flat roofs.

Thinking economically– acting responsibly

In the planning phase itself, it is determined whether a building can be operated economically in the long term. Building managers estimate that after about seven years, the operating costs of a property should have caught up with the investment costs, and this cycle is repeated every seven years. This makes it all the more important to rely on future-proof and economic energy from the outset – on solar energy.

You do not want to own a PV solar system, but would like to provide your roof space? We rent your roof area from a size of 5,000 m². Contact us for details!

Two individual systems from our house

Both SUNOVATION and SUNOLUTION offer you thought a consistently static proof, the maximum security for your roof, as well as, an economical operation of your plant.

Our solutions for every roof


Goldbeck SUNOVATION® is the robust sub-construction for the special application. In the last 20 years, this system has enabled us to install photovoltaic systems on difficult roof surfaces. SUNOVATION® combines the entire know-how of the Goldbeck group in the areas of structural engineering, construction and statics in this unique and individual product.

Our design transfers the occurring loads onto few points of your buildings supporting structure, the roof structure of insulation, foil and trapezoidal sheet remains completely load-free, comprehensible and easy to maintain. A large part of the pre-assembly takes place on the ground, protecting your roof. The almost floating system makes it easy to maintain the roof.


Goldbeck SUNOLUTION is the solution for large flat roof surfaces. The low-ballast sub-structure from our house uses the aerodynamic effects and distributes the loads of the PV solar system to the building optimally. At the same time, it ensures a safe stand and full functionalities (e.g. free water supply and lightning current capacity). The construction is made of lightweight plastic supporting elements and metal sheet parts and can be mounted quickly and flexibly.

Carports: Your parking space turns dynamic thanks to solar technology

Keep thinking where others stay

Your company does not have a flat roof for a PV solar system? Your carports – for instance, on employee parking spaces – and even facades provide the necessary space and can be used for environmental friendly electricity generation. As an integral part of future-oriented architecture, they contribute to autonomy as well as to the aesthetics of a building.

We will be happy to discuss whether and how this option can be implemented with you.


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